The Quarry Hill roots began with William Gammie Sr., born in 1903. He was part of the massive wave of immigration to America in the first part of the 20th century. William, Alex, Margaret, and their mother Elizabeth acquired a farm, in 1931 on Mason Road in Berlin Township, which they named Gammie Brothers. This was where the whole family lived. It was during the Great Depression. The Gammie Brothers’ primary crop was vegetables. With the well-drained soils, elevation, and nearness to Lake Erie, fruit crops soon became an important source of income. 

In 1979, fruit farm was named Quarry Hill Orchards because of the three old sandstone quarries on the farm's rolling land with fruit trees. The old stone house near the orchard & winery on Mason Road was built circa 1835 from stones mined from these once active quarries. The Orchard has been under watch by Bill Gammie since.

The Winery, was founded with local Winemaker, Mac McLelland-originally of Georgia. It was established in 2005 and the vineyards were planted. The plantings were European, Vinifera Varieties suitable to the micro-climate here. Aptly, they named it Quarry Hill Winery. Mac prides himself with the careful crafting of his estate grown wines. The winery has expanded since its inception with a new winery building to house the operations. This building offers a most comfortable and scenic environment for visitors to enjoy the wines grown and carefully crafted by Mac on site.