Seasonal Hours

Live Entertainment Schedule:



 &Fri. 11-8pm




Jim&Kathy          -Fri. 06/25 6:30-9:30

Corrie Jolly       -Sat. 06/26 6:30-9:30

Corrie Jolly      -Fri. 07/02  6:30-9:30

Erik Fischer      -Sat. 07/03 6:30-9:30

Brad Hoffman -Sun. 07/04  3-6pm

Brian Hager     -Fri. 07/09 6:30-9:30

John Belliss      -Sat.07/10 6:30-9:30

Macy Butchko   -Fri. 07/16 6:30-9:30

SSC JAZZ          -Sat. 07/17 6:30-9:30

Fran&The Bean  -Fri. 07/23 6:30-9:30

Fireside,w/Dr.Tom-Sat.07/24 6:30-9:30

Jim&Kathy         -Fri. 07/30 6:30-9:30

CZD Duo            -Sat. 07/31 6:30-9:30

AnthonyScrofano-Fri.08/06 6:30-9:30

Derek Lykins      -Sat. 08/07 6:30-9:30

Frank&TheBean -Sat.08/14 6:30-9:30

SSC JAZZ          -Sat. 08/21 6:30-9:30

Corrie Jolly       -Fri. 08/27 6:30-9:30

Derek Lykins    -Sat. 09/04 6:30-9:30

Brad Hoffman  -Sun. 09/05  3-6pm



Sat. 11-8pm

Sun. 12-6pm

Sat. 12-10pm

Sun. 12-6pm


​​Lance Horwedel   -Fri. 03/19 6:30-9:30
Frank & The Bean -Sat. 03/20 6:30-9:30
​Derek Lykens        -Fri. 03/26  6:30-9:30
Luther Trammel   -Sat. 03/27 6:30-9:30

Macy Butchko     -Fri. 04/02  6:30-9:30

Erick Fischer       -Sat. 04/03 6:30-9:30

Paul Franks          -Fri. 04/09  6:30-9:30
Frank&The Bean  -Sat.04/10 6:30-9:30

Corrie Jolly           -Fri. 04/16 6:30-9:30

Derek Lykens       -Sat. 04/17 6:30-9:30
Jim&Kathy           -Fri. 04/23 6:30-9:30
Lance Horwedel  -Sat.04/24 6:30-9:30
Luther Trammel  -Fri. 04/30 6:30-9:30
Luther Trammel -Sat. 05/01 6:30-9:30

Lance Horwedel -Fri. 05/07 6:30-9:30
Frank&The Bean -Sat.05/08 6:30-9:30
Macy Butchko    -Fri. 05/14 6:30-9:30

Paul Franks       -Sat. 05/15 6:30-9:30
Corrie Jolly         -Fri. 05/21 6:30-9:30
SSC JAZZ          -Sat. 05/22 6:30-9:30

Jim&Kathy          -Fri. 05/28 6:30-9:30
Derek LyKens      -Sat.  05/29 6:30-9:30
Vinyl Equinox     -Fri.  06/04 6:30-9:30
SSC JAZZ          -Sat. 06/05 6:30-9:30
Macy Butchko    -Fri. 06/11 6:30-9:30
Frank& The Bean-Sat. 06/12 6:30-9:30
John Belliss       -Fri. 06/18 6:30-9:30
Derek Lykens      -Sat. 06/19 6:30-9:30

*NEW HOURS STARTING MARCH 19th***************

Last Call for Wine & Food is 7:30pm on Fri. & Sat., We close at 8pm!​
***Closed: Easter, Thanksgiving, & Christmas Days*-Open NYD




-Chicken Salad Croissant w/ kettle chips & pickle
-Lobster Bisque w/roll
-Bread w/oil & balsamic vinegar dip
-Standard cheese plate w/ fresh fruit
-Gourmet cheese plate w/ dried fruit, Italian salami,& almonds
-Hummus Dip w/crackers and fresh veggies
-Brie, Bread,& fresh fruit
-Cold cut Platter w/ Dijon mustard, bread, & olives
-Mixed Nuts

Cheesecake w/Rasberry topping

SERVING Paninis: (FRI.5pm -* through*- SUN. 5:30pm)
Meat Panini Sandwich w/ kettle cooked potato chips& pickle
Three Cheese Panini w/ Kettle Chips and pickle
Reuben Sandwich w/Kettle Chips and pickle


Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Peach, Ice-Winetini, Razz-Martini 
 Craft Beer: Cleveland's Great Lake's Brewery, & others...


    * Open Memorial Day




Open Labor Day

​​​​8403 Mason Rd. - Berlin Heights, Ohio  44814 *(1 mi. east of Rt.61 @
South East corner of Humm Rd.)     
quarryhillwinery@gmail.com   419-588-3179.

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Quarry Hill Guidelines:

Sorry, but guests are NOT allowed to bring in food or beverage, except for private, special events... NO other Alcohol is ever permitted in. Also, NO PETS are allowed on grounds, and please use strict supervision over children. *AFTER 6PM, we are an ADULT VENUE. Thank you.

PRIVATE EVENT TERMS & GUIDELINES: *Due to Covid-19, *restrictions may apply*
1. Our " Winery & Great Room" are available for medium sized, private, adult oriented gatherings- outside of normal business hours.*Not on Fri.'s & Sat.'s for this option...The special event fee is for the 4 hour use of the facility and is available after regular hours (Sunday evening through Thurs. evenings).*Times to be discussed *View Home page & Picture Gallery for pictures. *Please call for fees.

2. For smaller groups, you can use our SEMI-PRIVATE  "Antler Room" on afternoons ,or evening hours can be available on weekends as well for $150. The special event fee for this option is for 4 hours of use. The room is where our wine shelving's located & access for our staff is necessary.

3. "Pavilion, Patio, or Grounds", Private, with fire pit is available for a fee for 4 hours of use. The patio is open air. (Seasonal). Fee is $250. Please call for questions. 
*When you reserve your private space, you may cater your own food for your event. Additionally, we offer botlled beer,& Martinis -(at the bar only). NO other alcohol is permitted in. Included with your event fee, we provide a wine tender(s) to serve you. A deposit of 50% is required to reserve and is NON-REFUNDABLE*. No one under 21 years of age may drink alcohol. No hung or fixed decorations are allowed without approval. If any of the terms are violated, the event could be subject to cancel without notice or refunds. Please call the winery for bookings.

Please make pre-arrangements for group tastings of up to 6 by calling  ahead 419-588-3179. WE ARE NOT BUS TOUR GROUP READY.